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Webiplex: Another cool vendor you may not have heard of

What would you say about a product that could facilitate workflow and document management between various internal apps–HR, accounting, etc.– as well as handle optical character recognition/scanning for those nasty paper documents we were supposed to be rid of by now?

I would bet you’d be interested in something like that and, if so, you should check out Webiplex.

Mick Gallagher has and he likes what he sees. Gallagher, managing partner of LST, an Oracle and NetSuite partner out of southern California is bullish on Webiplex, especially in its cloud-based incarnation.

He loves that it features a complete OCR capability. “It can capture documents off the web, off email, via EDI and via hard copy documents and that is huge,” Gallagher noted. Ot’s ability to easily tie into the third party applications that companies already have installed is equally huge. “You can hook it into multiple QuickBooks, into Peachtree into MAS/90. There are APIs to connect to SAP and to Oracle.”

The cost makes it palatable to shops that probably should have document management and business process automation already but have been put off by price and complexity. Webiplex lists for $79 per user per month so even a small company can roll it out to many users, he said.

 Tom Nicholson, systems solution manager at CBE, a Irvine, Calif.-based specialist in office equipment is also a true believer. In a world where old-school printers have evolved into fully networked nodes now networked and information technology and office gear are converging, Webiplex is a no brainer, he said.

“Flexiblity and scalability are key benefits as is the fact it can run both on  premises or in the cloud,” Nicholson said. In many cases, companies that never had document management or BPM are deploying. In others, it is replacing old-school document management.

 The sad truth is, Nicholson said, early adopters of document management systems like FileNet and Documentum, would probably be better off starting from scratch vs. adding modules to their already expensive systems.  The beauty of .NET-based Webiplex is, it ties fairly easily into what a company already has deployed in terms of back office applications.

 Integration with NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP is another plus, Nicholson said. In its cloud-based form, companies pay both  for user and for storage used.  

The  core server technology is Windows based and leverages the Windows Workflow Foundation, but the key is that Webiplex ties fairly easily into whatever’s already out there, said company president Rob Rennie. Webiplex has several big government accounts in California, including the Orange County Department of Education and the City of San Diego.

The vendor also has a channel-friendly M.O., which is another major reason both Gallagher and Nicholson are aboard. Any partner selling Webiplex on-premises or in the cloud, it gets a piece of the action.


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