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WPC: Parting thoughts from partners

LOS ANGELES — As the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference wound down on Wednesday, here are some parting thoughts from attendees:

— The Microsoft Lync Solution Incentive Program is big news for Lync partners such as Rob Husted, solutions architect at Cerium Networks.”We are very excited about this, we’ve been asking for it since 2008,” Husted said. “It’s extremely important for us because before we were built on services only and now that we can get rebates from Microsoft, it will increase motivation on our sales team.”

— Microsoft COO Kevin Turner said that the company’s decision to run Windows 8 on ARM and System on a chip (SoC) was its biggest in 25 years. We learned this week that EA renewals are playing a big part in the Windows 8 push. But Cliff Sweazey, executive vice president of Innovative Integration, Inc., wants to see customer reaction to the new Windows 8 layout.

“People are happy with Windows 7 and I’m interested to see what customers think of the tiles instead of the icons because you need to remember that we aren’t in the consumer space,” Sweazey said. “The training involved is a important piece — even if they’re coming from Windows 7 we’ll need to train them on how to use the tiles, applications and features.”

Pierre Hall, Solutions Director for Computacenter in the UK, is seeing 62% market share with Windows 7 and agrees that Microsoft has a lot of work do with migrating customers to Windows 7 from XP but doesn’t think it’s too early for Windows 8.”[Microsoft] needed to start integrating their application tiers and since customers take time to adapt, it’s good they’re showing it early,” Hall said.

–Microsoft claimed to increase Windows Intune’s Cloud Essentials licenses from 10 to 25 and the number of Cloud Accelerate partners from 25 to 100. It also split the Unified Communications competency into seperate “Messaging” and “Communications” competencies.

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thanks for sharing, I agree with it , there will still be fewer machines to manage than there would be if these features were placed on thousands of hypervisors, windows 7, office 2010 on