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VoIP is big change, one step at a time, for AAA

Unified communications (UC) systems can be performance-challenged and sometimes don’t match the way their users would like to work – at least according to colleagues of IT director Mike Gladish.

So Gladish was cautious in rolling out UC to the East Central division of the American Automobile Association (AAA), testing it with a small group of headquarters staff before trying a full rollout – the better to map out both hard and soft productivity benefits.

So far the rollout isn’t going over like a house afire, but users aren’t rebelling, either. As time goes on, though, the UC system is diverging from the way people work, or at least the way they used to work. The UC-enabled group is moving away from strict reliance on voice communications, has easier access to an mobility of voice mail, and is thinking about adding video.

So far, so good.

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