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Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 release

It’s a couple days earlier than our sources said, but Microsoft says both Vista SP1 and Windows 2008 have released to manufacturing as of Monday. In reality, however, both parts of the Windows tandem are way late, but I digress.

In his Vista blog, Mike Nash acknowledges that early customers had issues with both application and device compatibility. That is a mortal sin many in the Microsoft camp have yet to get over. Said one former Microsoft exec: “You never break anything to add features,” he opined. Anonymously, of course.

Nash noted that Microsoft’s decision to bolster security forced these glitches.

Mr. Anonymous, on the other hand, says Vista’s security “perks” actually represent an abdication of vendor responsibility. The incessant “accept, deny” conversation Vista kicks off every time users encounter a possibly questionable Web site or application do not make anyone’s computer more secure, he argues.

Today’s RTM news kicks off a rolling wave of updates that solution providers should know about. SP1 will go out Windows Update and the download center in mid-March. The following month it will start being delivered by automatic download to customers who’ve chosen that option.

More on Windows Server 2008 RTM here.

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