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Virtualizing blades servers: could this be the space & power solution that you’re looking for?

If you work with blades and are curious about virtualizing blades servers, this year’s Server Blade Summit is called Blades & Virtualization: The Perfect Marriage. It runs from May1-3, in Anaheim, Calif.

In a recent soon-to-be published interview, the summit chair and author of the book Blades Server and Virtualization, Barb Goldworm, touted the benefits of this marriage. According to Goldworm, the low-power, overheated blade server is a thing of the past. The blades technology which has evolved over the past five years has produced the space-saving, power-efficient server of the future, and it’s partnership with virtualization offers new storage options, high availability and user-friendly management tools.

I thought it might be worthwhile to consult the blogosphere and this is what I found: An unsigned blog titled, HP reduces customer administrative costs and wait time with blade network virtualization technologies, on, echoes Goldworm; it sings praises for Hewlett Packard’s, ProLiant xw460c Blade Workstation. According to this blogger, HP’s blade/virtualization marriage, “Dramatically simplifies network connectivity and server management tasks.”

Blogger, Pete Manca, of Egenera, however, says deploying a hypervisor is a strategic decision: it benefits utilization and agility at the “sacrifice” of performance and security.

“When I say sacrifice,” Manca writes, “I mean that hypervisors will never perform the same as native systems. They will have lower security… and they will add complexity from a management perspective. However, in many cases, these are trade offs worth making for some customers.”

Is the tradeoff worth it for you and your customers? Is server management simplified or complicated by this partnership? What is your blades/virtualization server experience? Let us know.

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