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VMware partners head south

VMware partners based in New England, the Midwest, well frankly anywhere but Florida, are dying to get to sunny Orlando for the VMware Partner Exchange.

News going into the show is that VMware will start charging for heretofore free software enablement toolkits. Shockingly, all the partners interviewed by Colin Steele of seemed fine with this. Take it from one who’s covered the Microsoft and other vendor channels for awhile, adding a pricetag to a freebie never goes down well with profit-challenged VARs. But then again, VMware partners, unlike many Microsoft VARs, can still actually make money selling, installing and supporting VMware products.

Andi Mann over at CA, asked via Twitter if any partners were peeved about the new charges and got little response. One wag did respond that starting to charge for free stuff is the last refuge of a company whose revenue is about to top out.  

Steele found another VAR who did express some concern about the pricing in a podcast, here.

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