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VMware announces 2nd annual partner show

vmware disney worldVMware is making plans for Partner Exchange 2009.

The company’s second annual partner conference will take place April 14-17 at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Last year’s inaugural Partner Exchange attracted more than 1,000 people to San Diego; it will be interesting to see if the economy leads more VMware partners to stay home next year.

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I think the idea of using a guest network is a good idea for BYOD in some applications, and so is the idea of setting up different logical networks with different levels of access for BYOD versus corporate devices. At our hospital, we started having HIPAA compliance issues with our doctors using thier smartphones and tablets to send text messages with patient info in them. What we did was set up a seperate closed network with Tigertext Pro, so that all the text messages went through that controlled network, which was HIPAA compliant and secure. I think companies are going to have to get inventive when it comes to network capacities and security with BYOD.
Are mobile devices causing you to invest more in your network infrastructure?
Since my upgrade to the latest and greatest smartphone, I find that I have invested much more in my own personal network hardware and infrastructure. I wanted fast and seamless Pass-Off syncing between the smartphone and my laptop, so I upgraded my router and even went so far as to get a wireless hard drive for backup storage without cables. Future purchases include new iCloud subscriptions and wireless printers that sync with mobile devices.
The diversity of network paths to Internet access has created the MDM, BYOD,a nd policy issues within both Telecom and Enterprise network administrators, the cost is a logical move and trend as a result.
We are a medium size company so the solutions we are looking at need to be affordable so we are looking at how can we prioritize traffic on our wireless network like we have done our wired network. In stead of blocking UTube giving it a very low priority with limited bandwidth availability.