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VCE boosts distribution

Our good buddies at The Virtual Computing Environment Co., last week added four distributors — Arrow, Avnet, Ingram Micro and Magirus–to its channel roster. that means a VCE VAR selling Vblocks can source all the component pieces–from Cisco, from EMC, from VMware–from one source whereas in the past that order might have involved any number of those vendors or distribution partners.

Before this, all VCE VARs wanting to source Vblocks worked with Cisco, EMC and VMware if they already had a direct relationship with those VCE parent companies–to get the components they needed shipped to VCE for assembly and integration. VCE then shipped the finished Vblock to the customer.

Or they ordered the components through their normal Cisco, EMC or VMware distribution partner which then shipped the piece-parts off  to VCE for assembly. VCE then shipped the finished Vblock to the customer.

If the VAR typically sourced some components direct from the vendor and some through distribution, they  ordered from their usual source and then those sources shipped the components to VCE…You get thepicture.

Now, all VCE partners will submit their orders for the whole, entire Vblock to the VCE-authorized distributor of choice, who then processes the order, financing and handles the reporting. That distributor then places the order to VCE which, per usual, assembles and ships the integrated Vblock to the customer, according to Pete Koliopoulos, VP of global partner marketing and programs for VCE.


One VCE partner was encouraged by this news. He and others said the old Vblock ordering process required several deal registration processes and a lot of back-and-forth with the various vendors about component availability etc. That, in turn, sometimes facilitated channel conflict as one of the vendors’ sales reps would try to take part of the Vblock sale direct to meet quota.

This distribution deal really matters, he said. It can help with availability, help the VAR meet its volume commitments with the distributor and “ultimately we hope that they will allow the distie then us to do the integration instead of them,” he noted via email.

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