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Unemployed? Become a reseller!

I get a lot of press releases every day, and most go straight into the deleted items folder. There are only two ways to avoid this fate: send me a press release with some really big news, or send me a press release that’s so ridonkulous that I have to blog about it.

A press release I received Monday fell squarely into the latter category. It came from a PR firm I’ve never heard of, and it offered three money-making tips for “people that are internet savvy and in-between jobs.”

The first tip suggested breaking into the music industry, which is clearly a piece of cake. Just ask any Los Angeles bartender.

I’m not completely sure what the convoluted second tip was, but I think it had something to do with starting an online company with a bunch of strangers in just a matter of days.

Then came the third tip. And I quote:

Look for companies that offer reseller programs. Several IT companies offer programs were people receive money for “reselling” their product. … Anyone who sales their product gets paid. The reseller program is pretty simple, you sell product you get paid. You can sell … to you Aunt, uncle, sister, the local coffee shop down the street, HP, anyone.

How can anyone simplify the role of a reseller so much? In this economy, even some established resellers who have experience providing value-added services say their sales are “as slow as molasses.” Anyone who thinks they can just sign up with a vendor and start making sales with nothing more than their “Internet savvy” will quickly find themselves back “in-between jobs.”

Despite the utter absurdity of this email, it did give me one real job idea: “Become a copy editor for terrible press releases.”

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What a fantastic idea! I an going to "resell" my Grandma an iSCSI SAN appliance with replication. And them maybe a deduplication box and tiered storage devices if she runs out of capacity in a couple months. I've been wasting my time with, CareerBuilder, and getting CEO income at home. ;-) - [A href=""]Taylor [/A]
I think what is even more rediculus are the "fake adds" on Career Builder and othe job site. They advertise openings for positions that are no longer open at this time. Their excuse is well we need plenty of resumes so that when so and so is ready to hire we will be prepared for them. I think this is lousy and should stop. Being unemployed with a lot of other Techs. we get our hopes up for jobs that really don't exist. Unless it is just me, it has happened around 5-6 times, excuses are that the job was pulled do to the economy. Anyone else experiencing this?