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Ubuntu resellers blitzkrieg French parliament

Some interesting Linux Ubuntu news came out of France today. Citing reduced cost and added value to users, the French parliament has decided to make the switch from Windows based machines to Linux Ubuntu. The contract was awarded to two open source software resellers, Linagora and Unilog. This deal is probably as close to El Dorado as these two resellers will ever come.

Creating reoccurring streams of revenue has been the mantra that I’ve been hearing from VARs, vendors and analysts since launched in October. While I don’t know the intricacies of the French political system if their system is anything like the one we have in the States, this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m speculating, but it seems like the installation, transitioning and support revenue that is created essentially turns these two companies into government contractors. I say good for them.

French resellers aren’t the only people interested in channel business. EMC has recently cut two tiers of its partner program in an attempt to raise the number of certified resellers affiliated with the company. In addition from moving from five tiers to three, EMC has “simplified the accreditation process.”

Sounds like now would be the right time to start taking a look at EMCs certified partner requirements.

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