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Trends in application integration

According to Technology research giant, Gartner, Inc. application integration trends are pointing at service oriented architecture (SEO). Interoperable, customer-centered systems are becoming the norm, giving end-users more choice and power.

In 2006, a Gartner press release identified five application trends that would change business applications: service oriented architecture (SEO) and event driven architecture would be the dominant design style; enterprise service bus (ESB), which provides secure interoperability between enterprise applications, would become the dominant communications service; integration logic would be separated from presentation; middleware appliances would impact the market – sometimes competing and sometimes complimenting; and event processing would improve real-time analysis and insight into business operations.

Recently, interviewed Gartner analyst, Darrell Plummer, about what these trends mean to the channel. He said interoperability opportunities and customer empowerment present resellers opportunities to work directly with vendors on specific operations, or create new products by adding to existing systems, based on what end-user needs. A more detailed article about application integration trends will be posted on the site in the near future.

This trend seems to be blanketing other IT industries, too. It mirrors business intelligence (BI) and analytic trends. Last year, posted a Q & A with Howard Dresner, the self-proclaimed “father of business intelligence” in which he talked about coining the term, “information democracy” and defines it as getting information into the hands of constituents.”  Today, many BI tools such as dashboards that track performance and up-sell opportunities, are embedded into user-friendly software programs

Web sites such as Ebay,  UTube and MySpace have set the tone for internet culture in general, it seems time for the enterprise to join the choir. How do you plan to turn this trend into an opportunity? We’d love to hear from you.

Esther Friedman

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