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The word on Microsoft Server 2008

At it’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver Colorado,  Microsoft recently announced that Windows Server  2008 is to be launched with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 on February 27.

So should businesses choose to upgrade to the server also known as Longhorn?

The Microsoft marketing machine touts its newest server as one that simplifies Web server management, simplifies virtualization (which is built in to the system), provides supreme security ( “the most secure server ever” ) and one that provides a rock solid foundation for business work loads.

I decided to go find the word on the web and I didn’t find a whole big bunch of opinion  – but what I did find was overwhelmingly positive:, a site that exists to provide impartial reviews, says “Longhorn is what
Vista should have been, as most users are looking for a fast, secure and easy to use OS,”
calling it the “best server operating system that Microsoft has ever released.” It also says that Longhorn may set the standard for server operating systems.

Tom Yager of InfoWorld writes, “…Window’s Server ‘Longhorn,’ … looks like its been hit with a mega-dose of growth hormone since beta 2. And I mean that in a good way.”

What Yager appears to mean is that the new server provides stronger versions of features that were “wobbly” in prior releases and new across the board functionality. He touts the addition of PowerShell – Microsoft’s first scriptable command-line shell, its security measures – the firewall and the built-in virtualization.
The one criticism I found was that of Barbara Darrow, a SearchSystemsChannel contributor who wonders if Microsoft’s 2008 release date is more “marketing ploy than true launch.”

Perhaps Microsoft has ironed out Vista wrinkles (security problems, confusing interface) with Windows Server 2008. What do you think? We’d love to hear from you!

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