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Tech Data extends data center virtualization play

Hmmmm. First, virtualization management software, now a play in storage virtualization.

Distributor Tech Data has signed up DataCore Software, which provides a series of enterprise applications that can be used to manage and provision storage devices attached to a SAN. So, instead of requiring a one-to-one relationship between servers and different storage devices, virtual disks can be created that serve multiple masters. Tech Data says the DataCore products address the following areas:

  • Centralized management of storage across a network
  • Load balancing
  • Data migration
  • Advanced analysis and reporting

The Tech Data distribution deal applies to the following products: SANmelody, which addresses storage consolidation; and SANsymphony, an open storage networking platform.

The fact that Tech Data appears to be SOOO heavily into virtualization outside of just servers is very intriguing. It suggests, also, that you’ll be hearing much more about how to get the most out of ALL types of hardware in 2009, not just physical servers.

How does storage virtualization help your client? Well, from an operations standpoint, you can designate certain devices to be shared across servers or applications rather than doing the one-to-one thing. It also helps with a company’s business continuity or disaster recovery environment, because data can be moved around or replicated without messing up the client application. You can manage devices better, applying the most critical data to faster devices or getting it off hardware that is being decommissioned. There also is a compliance message AND a green message, because cutting back on storage hardware reduces power consumption.

Many of the same arguments you’d use about server virtualization, when it comes down to it.

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