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Tata starts Web 2.0 business practice

Taking a break from writing a couple of presentations for next week’s distributor Synnex’s Varnex community event to write about an interesting announcement I saw yesterday from Tata Consultancy Services and WorkLight, which bills itself as a Web 2.0 for business specialist.

Most of the time I write about Web 2.0 services and technology concepts from the point of view of how a solution provider might use these ideas to build out their own marketing, sales and recruitment processes. But Tata actually is building out a service based on helping companies build out their own strategies with respect to Web 2.0.

So, Tata and WorkLight will be helping businesses figure out to use things like Facebook or iGoogle or iPhone applications or RSS feeds within the context of their day-to-day operations securely and, probably equally as important, productively. At the heart of the platform to do this will be WorkLight Server, which is WorkLight’s portal product. Here’s a page on its products.
So, here are the sorts of things that Tata will focus on:

  • Helping companies build their customer bases virally through consumer social networks.
  • Looking for new revenue sources based on personalization of Webe 2.0 services.
  • Figuring out whether it’s possible for a company to use an application that is hosted on the Web for one of their own internal business processes, knocking out something that may be proprietary or that takes too long to develop or update. (This is more in the realm of helping a business assess, for example, an application that is offered only as a service such as’s platform.)

There’s a vertical market twist to the new practice. The two companies first figure to focus on financial services, retail, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and the IT services industry.

Heather Clancy is a high-tech business journalist and communications strategist with SWOT Management Group. She can be reached at

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