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Symantec Survey: Security is biggest SMB tech worry, mobility bigger factor

What, me worry? In stark contrast to just 15 months ago, the 2010 Global SMB Information Protection Survey from Symantec finds that small and midsize businesses rank “protecting their information” as their top IT concern. The report is based on the findings of 2,152 executives from more than 28 countries during May 2010.

In fact, they rank it ahead of other concerns such as traditional “criminal” activity, natural disasters and terrorism. According to Symantec, the average spend by SMB accounts on information security is about $51,000; two-thirds of the IT staff time at these companies is dedicated to matters of information protection, including backup and recovery.

One of the biggest current issues is security related to mobile devices, notably ones that lost or stolen. According to the survey, almost two-thirds of the surveyed businesses have lost some sort of mobile device over the last year, be it a notebook, tablet or smart phone.

Almost three-quarters of the surveyed companies faced down at least one cyberattack during the past year, and ALL of those respondents said they had lost money as a result of the attack, in either time wasted or data lost.

As you might expect, Symantec has some ideas about how you can use this information. You can download the complete details as either a PDF file or presentation.

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