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Survey: Time to get with energy-reduction program

Hey all you naysayers who have scoffed at my green IT coverage over the past three years and suggested that I was somehow off my rocker, try on this research. CDW has released its 2010 Energy Efficient IT report, and it suggested that fully three-quarters of IT professionals are now working on a plan to reduce the energy consumption with their operations — from the desktop to the data center.

What’s more, approximately two-thirds of them say that understanding best practices in energy efficiency is critical to the future of their career.

The survey was based on a poll of 756 IT professionals from both public and private sector organizations during the July timeframe.

The thing that baffles me a little bit is that this mentality hasn’t quite made it down into purchasing criteria. Only 39 percent said it was a consideration when purchasing equipment. Although this is up from 26 percent in last year’s survey, it still seems rather low to me.

What are these people doing already to reduce energy use? Here are the most common practices reported by the survey respondents. You will notice that all of these involve the data center, and that consolidation is a central theme. Here are some of the things that people are doing:

  • Opting for more power-efficient core, edge and workgroup switches
  • Using the network as a means of managing and reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing storage area network (SAN) infrastructure

So, should walk into your customer prospects and existing accounts uttering the green IT mantra. Not exactly. But if you aren’t versed in energy efficiency best practices yet, you could find yourself left out in the cold.

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