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Some storage trends that may shape solution providers’ 2008 plans

I keep forgetting how hard it is to take notes about a panel that I’m moderating myself. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. I picked up several compelling tidbits earlier this week during pretty much all the presentations at the Storage Strategies channel conference in San Francisco, hosted by the publisher of this blog, TechTarget.

Certainly, what I notice may be different than what you notice, but I offer up these 4 Storage Observations that may be worth some business planning research on the part of storage solution providers.

  1. Archiving vs. Backup (they are not one in the same): Tony Asaro, analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group, observed during his presentation that 60 percent to 70 percent of all the data being stored on primary (read more expensive) storage devices actually is dormant within 90 days. So, there’s a very real differentiation between backup of files you might need promptly vs. archiving of files for compliance and strategic purposes. Here’s a deeper report on database archiving that the firm just released this week.
  2. The use of storage virtualization is on the rise: According to twice-annual buying intentions by Storage Magazine (also published by TechTarget), the last year has represented a breakthrough for storage virtualization. While 61 percent of storage managers HAD NOT virtualized any storage last spring, that number fell to 43 percent when the magazine ran its second survey of the year.
  3. Encryption is still underutilized: According to the Storage Magazine survey, close to 60 percent of the storage managers are not using encryption for their storage devices. This despite new compliance and litigation rules that seem to kick into effect every day.
  4. Buyers are looking for different skills in storage solution providers than in the past: According to the survey, about 20 percent of the buyers cited technical support and service as key factors in their storage purchases, with about the same number also pointing to a storage solution provider’s ability to provide other technologies as critical. So, there is a shift going on to favor integrated solutions rather than point products. Are you in a position to accommodate?

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