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Security still a good bet, despite spending pressure elsewhere

Even though the outlook for IT spending could be accurately described as uncertain, budgets for security infrastructure and managed services are continuing to hold up, according to new data from Gartner.

This year, worldwide spending on security should reach $60 billion, up 8.4 percent from $5.5 billion in 2011. That trajectory should boost worldwide spending to about $86 billion by 2016, reflecting growth of 9 percent to 11 percent during that timeframe, Gartner predicts.

“The security infrastructure market is expected to experience positive growth over the forecast period, despite risks of further economic turbulence,” said Lawrence Pingree, a Gartner research director.

Overall, about 45 percent of the businesses that Gartner used to make its projections are expecting to increase their budget over time; just 5 percent anticipated a decrease.

Here are some of the priorities surfaced by Gartner’s research:

  • Managed security services
  • Secure Web gateway appliances
  • Security information and event management technology

It’s intriguing to me that mobile security isn’t on this list, which suggests to me that companies plan to rely on better management at the infrastructure level to control this.

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Would a self-service private cloud save you time?
need to know its with linux in place
optimizing time and resources during the deployment phase of VM through a templating tool
Nice article, Greg. I agree that one key benefit of private clouds is freeing up the admin from manual provisioning. In addition, consistency of provisioning from a pre-defined catalog can be greatly beneficial. This is because it ensures configuration drift is minimized and thus prevents configuration problems before they even occur. Another benefit can occur if IT costing is an integrated component of the service catalog. Although most organizations are not ready for chargeback, even just showback has the ability to change end user behaviors, when they realize that virtual machines (VMs) and their resources still cost real dollars.

Mark Jamensky
yet to experience