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Salesforce switcheroo: Dumping Windows for Mac? is reportedly dumping its Windows machines (Dell Windows machines, to be more precise) for Macs on the next corporate upgrade. This post, found by my office pal Colin Steele, has all makings of a great story The blogger, an iPhone developer and thus probably not the most neutral of observers, called his own source “impeccable.” could not be reached for comment, but the tidbit, if true, is a juicy part of a much larger narrative.

[Update: No sooner was the publish button hit than CEO Marc Benioff responded by email: “Employees can choose whatever they want pc or mac or blackberry for that matter. all of our servers are Dell, however. My opinion is the client is a commodity.”]

Early in its history, the SaaS trailblazer touted its “tight” integration with Microsoft Outlook, blah blah blah. Not so anymore. Especially since Microsoft started beating the drum about its CRM Live/CRM Online whatever, which is now available. is now blaring about its tight integration with Google Apps. Google, Benioff reminded Boston attendees, is’s “karmic” ecosystem. As he spoke, he was flanked by a podium running a Dell and a Mac. Hmmmm.

Again, if true, this would make one of the larger enterprise Apple shops.

Mr. Impeccable, a employee, said the reason for shifting 4,000 employees to Macs as the Dells come up for upgrade was: “Security.”

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