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SAP loses its Wookey: Will he show up at HP?

The twitterverse is tingling with reports (from reliable sorts like Ray Wang) that John Wookey is leaving/has left SAP. No word on his destination but smart money’s on Hewlett-Packard.

Some background: Wookey was an Oracle exec credited with making some sense out of Oracle’s Fusion apps plan. Wookey split from Oracle just before the annual Oracle OpenWorld lovefest in the fall of 2007. About a year later he surfaced at SAP, causing stir since SAP was one of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s favorite punching bags.

Now, less than a month before SAP Sapphire 2011, Wookey and another SAP exec David Meyer, have reportedly left the ERP giant. Meyer confirms his own departure on his Meyerwork blog here. His Twitter account tagline reads: “Futurist, exploring opportumities post SAP.”

But back to HP. When he was still co-CEO at SAP, Leo Apotheker publicly welcomed Wookey into the fold. Apotheker has since taken the helm at HP and seems very intent on competing with Oracle in enterprise software. Wookey could be very helpful in that quest to make HP a software power.

On a related topic, there’ve been rumors on and off for years about HP buying SAP, skuttlebutt that has only been fueled by HP’s hiring of Apotheker. (SAP did not renew Apotheker’s contract so technically he was a free agent when the HP board came ‘a calling. But conspiracy theorists might surmise that was all part for the plan.)

Verbal bouquets that have been tossed back and forth between the two companies since Apotheker started at HP. And those mutual love fests started tongues wagging anew about an HP-SAP combination . Face it, stranger things have happened, and Oracle’s voracious appetite  for acquisitions may end up forcing a deal.

So, stay tuned….

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