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Reseller takes David Ortiz approach as Apple moves next door

Talk about channel conflict!

David OrtizThe Boston Globe has a story today about Tech Superpowers, an Apple reseller facing quite the threat: a ginormous Apple store opening right next door. One of VARs’ biggest peeves is when a vendor moves in on their business, but in this case, Apple is literally MOVING IN on their business.

Tech Superpowers has been shifting its business model from consumers to the enterprise market, to differentiate itself from the Apple store. Founder and president Michael Oh also adopted a slightly more creative strategy: He buried a company T-shirt at the Apple store site, much like the Red Sox fan who buried a David Ortiz jersey at the new Yankee Stadium to curse the Bronx Bombers.

Ortiz started the season in a terrible slump and didn’t start hitting until the Yankees dug up his jersey and auctioned it off for charity. Hopefully Tech Superpowers will have better luck and won’t get hit out of the park by Apple.

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