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Remote backup vendor adds support for VMWare

Data backup vendor eVault announced today a plugin that will let customers back up virtualized servers running on VMWare.

EVault’s backup — which is available as on-site software, software as a service (SaaS) or a managed service through eVault or one of its resellers — already works on individual instances of virtual servers, but the plugin will consolidate that process and allow backup of the virtual machines’ metadata, said the company’s senior product manager Patrick Dowlaszewicz. This will allow the virtual machines themselves — and not just the data they host — to be backed up.

About half of eVault’s business is conducted through resellers, and the company intends to grow that segment, said Dana Loof, eVault’s vice president of marketing. Evault, based in Emeryville, Calif., was recently acquired by Seagate Technologies, which Loof said is “a primarily channel [oriented] company.”

Loof admitted that virtualization has been slower than many of eVault’s resellers would like, but she said the new plugin will allow for cross-selling opportunities for those resellers to suggest migrating customers to virtual environments.

Most customers don’t know to ask specifically for virtual machine backups, but walking them through specific scenarios helps them see exactly what they would use virtual machine recovery for, said Dan Holt, CEO of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based HEIT Consulting.

“You come in as a full solution, instead of saying, ‘I have this point product and this point product.’ I’m coming in from a disaster recovery perspective,” he said.

The plugin itself is simple to install, so companies shouldn’t expect it to add much to their bottom lines directly. But for HEIT, which offers managed services, network design, security and other services, eVault and the new VMWare addition are “just portion of the pie” that will help HEIT expand its portfolio, Holt said.

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