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RFID is in the money

Not too long ago I wrote about the opportunities that exist for VARs in the RFID market. Today it looks like that market may have come into its own. AeroScout just received $21 million of venture capital. While the details aren’t being disclosed, you can bet this will be a nice boost for the RFID marketplace.

RFID — radio frequency identification — tags can help streamline manufacturing operations and other business ventures that require up to the minute product tracking. I still think it’s a good idea for VARs to begin looking into this field. It’s only a matter of time until SMBs and other small shops start clamoring for the “on demand business” that IBM has been promising in its commercials for the past couple of years. RFID may be one way to provide it.

VARs should be aware of this technology and know  it could be applied in a company. RFID tags will allow VARs to provide information about product production and location immediately. This way, when a customer is looking for a missing piece of inventory or a product that is shipping, VARs will have the answers to their questions within minutes. That’s a pretty powerful business advantage.

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