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Promised Cisco VIP program changes on schedule

As promised by Edison Peres, senior vice president for worldwide channels at Cisco, at the vendor’s partner summit in March, Cisco yesterday rolled out the Cisco Value Incentive Program (VIP) 24, a partner incentive program with a long history at the company.

Out with the complex VIP 23 program and in with the VIP 24, Robb Berger, director of worldwide partner incentives at Cisco, wrote in a recent blog post.

The latest VIP program is designed to align better with the vendor’s architectural strategy and continues to focus on new market trends and business models, he said, while pointing out some key program elements.

For starters, the Borderless Networks track has been broken out into two tracks — Enterprise Networks and Security — each of which is broken out further into subtracks.

The Enterprise Networks track has four subtracks and includes new coverage of Internet of Things (IoT) and Express Enterprise Networks. The Security track has three subtracks and covers SourceFire products.

Some other important information about VIP 24 that Berger highlighted for partners:

The Express track has been retired as a standalone track. It’s been integrated into the architectural VIP tracks.

The Data Center track gained a new subtrack called Emerging Data Center Technology. This info is important for Cisco UCS Invicta and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Partners.

Cisco has expanded the Cisco Cloud Services Reseller track to have a total of 11 offerings.

Partner Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys no longer have a minimum average score requirement, but partners must still obtain a minimum number of valid surveys.

Finally, two pilot tracks around Cisco ONE and SaaS trials provide a preview of new VIP opportunities that lie ahead.

There’s a three-month VIP enrollment window beginning Oct. 26 and ending Nov. 21. Partners who want to participate must register for the VIP 24 program. The program is open to Cisco specialized, certified or ATP partners who sell Cisco architectures within the current six-month program period, according to the Berger.

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