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Possible Sun deal opens can o' worms for IBM

Here’s a reminder that Microsoft isn’t the only tech vendor known for its hardball tactics. When it comes to monopolistic practices in the computer business, many say IBM wrote the book.

Last January, a rival sued IBM in Europe,  alleging the computer giant used anti-competitive practices to protect its still-very-lucrative mainframe business. T3 Technologies charged that IBM bought Platform Solutions, a maker of server-based mainframe replacement machines, to bury it.

T3, a Platform Solutions reseller, has big allies in Google, Microsoft and Oracle, which, under the rubric of the Computer and Communications Industry Association, called IBM’s Platform purchase-and-shut-down as an attempt to kill competition.

Leaving aside the irony of Oracle, Microsoft and Google championing the little guy, this is an interesting turn of events.

All of this is cropping up again because of reports that IBM may buy Sun, one of the few big iron rivals left.  The CCIA isn’t exactly thrilled about this turn of events.

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