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Pay up for security certifications, down for all other technology certificates

Here’s some good news if you’re a certified security pro: You’re in the only group of certified IT professionals whose pay scale has gone up this year, Tekrati reports.

A new study by Foote Partners shows that pay for 27 certified IT skills has fallen 2.1% in the past six months. The only one of those 27 areas that has seen an increase is security, where pay is up 1.7%. Meanwhile, pay for non-certified skills has increased by 4.1%.

Edmond Baydian, chief operating officer for Juma Technology in Farmingdale, N.Y., said a survey of his company’s clients shows similar results. He attributes the trend to consolidation among businesses, which places more value on skills in a wide range of areas. Unlike in most IT fields, accreditation in security signifies that you have that broad knowledge, he said.

“Security gives you this application-layer view, and it’s less concerned about the underlying plumbing,” he said. “Security means that you understand the value of multiple protocols over IP.”

The “utmost importance” of security also plays a role, but that is changing because businesses and organizations are starting to turn their IT concerns to other areas, Baydian said. The next big trend will depend on where the government decides to focus new regulations — possibly in Voice over IP (VoIP), thanks to the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), Baydian said.

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Thank you for the article. Another consideration is finding the right cloud provider. I recently attended Oracle’s OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco this October. There was a huge volume of information on the Cloud. As I walked through the Exhibitor’s halls at the Moscone Center, I observed that every SI partner had ERP in the Cloud or could get customers to the Cloud seamlessly. What I did not see is any offering or advisory service to guide ERP customers through the storm clouds to find the right provider. In the next sections we will discuss the key competencies to consider as part of making an ERP Cloud provider selection.