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Partner: VMware is ‘challenging,’ Hyper-V is coming on strong

This morning I spoke with David Lynch, vice president of marketing for Embotics, a VMware partner in Ottawa. I’d been trying to interview him for two recent stories on VMware channel conflict, and although we didn’t connect until now, what he had to say would have fit right into those articles.

Lynch said it’s “challenging” to work with VMware because the company keeps its partners in the dark about its product strategies. Partners don’t know if any of their upcoming releases will conflict with VMware’s, or if VMware’s coming out with something that will impede on their businesses.

“It’s extraordinarily difficult to get any form of access to their long-range plans,” he said. “We want to build products that are complementary, not products that go head-to-head.”

Embotics makes virtualization lifecycle management software that currently runs on the VMware platform. Version 2, due in June, will also work with Citrix and Microsoft virtualized environments.

Lynch doesn’t believe VMware purposely makes things tough for its partners — just that the company’s so focused on the ever-evolving server virtualization market that it can’t always keep partners in the loop.

“The market has changed so dramatically for them,” he said. “They know the value of the hypervisor itself over time is going to move practically to zero, which means that their revenue has to come from their management product.”

Embotics also partners with Citrix and has been invited to join up with Microsoft, too. Microsoft’s upcoming entry into the server virtualization market, Hyper-V, is drawing a lot of interest from customers, Lynch said.

“We haven’t seen anyone who’s said they’re not going to try the Hyper-V,” he said. “Everybody’s trying it.”

VMware channel conflict is also the topic of the inaugural Partner News Podcast, a new feature here at

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