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Ozzie, Ballmer speak to MVPs

If you’re not a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional but want to know what CEO Steve Ballmer and chief software architect Ray Ozzie had to say to MVPs, Microsoft has posted transcripts of their Thursday remarks.

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another gartner view of the world. there are a lot more positive use cases out there than cited by Bitterer.
There is a limited amount of real estate in a BI dashboard environment, and when you factor in the necessity of making business intelligence available in a mobile environment that encompasses a plethora of screen sizes for smart phones and tablets, the issue becomes even thornier. No enterprise wants to spend a lot of money on a BI solution that is inaccessible or one that can only be used by a few, technically savvy analysts or programmers. Today's BI solutions must provide mobile access for every user have the opportunity to easily customize and personalize the information they see and how they see this information. The enterprise has to allow users to view information in a way that enables easy analysis and action. You also want to protect data and information by providing multi-layered security and access controls that ensure our users see only what they should see.
There is another challenge here and that is to provide a dashboard (and a business intelligence tool and system) that is easy for every user in the organization to leverage and that presents information in a way that is meaningful to them so they can analyze it, share it and create reports that are intuitive and allow them to make fast, confident decisions. Nobody has time to wait for an analyst or a programmer to create reports and most of the time this information is outdated or incomplete anyway.
We at ElegantJ BI find that our clients want to hold teams and individuals accountable and empower them to make the changes that will support the strategy and tactical and organizational goals of the company. To do that, we as technology experts, have to make it easier for them to get, view, filter, analyze, report and share data. They should have access to an environment that allows for notes, sharing and collaboration and the ability to embed expressions and keywords in titles and text for easy searching and analysis. They should get personalized alerts that keep them abreast of changes, issues, thresholds, patterns and forecasts and plans. They should be able to drill down into the data to find out what's happening and easily share alerts, reports and data with others who need to take action.
Forecasting, key performance indicators, balanced scorecards, graphic tools, reporting and BI dashboards and alerts are all necessary tools but at the end of the day, the user (and the company) must use the information in the BI system to make business decisions. Otherwise, the BI solution is a useless addition to the enterprise technology environment.