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Oracle nixes HP Solaris contract

You had to see this one coming.

The Register reports that Oracle has deep-sixed Hewlett-Packard’s ability to sell/support Solaris running on X-64-based HP hardware. Given that  Oracle has said it will only support Solaris running on Sun (now Oracle) hardware, this is not a huge surprise.

What’s unclear is how long it will take for Oracle to nix similar OEM agreements with Dell and IBM et al.

One long-time Sun VAR said that Oracle is squandering the Solaris promise, Solaris being the only Unix that can run on both Intel and RISC processors.

This is just another step down Oracle’s long road to offer pricey Sun-based appliances — data center iPods if you will –for data centers that need to handle uber-high transaction loads. Meanwhile those iPods–the Exadatas– are being touted as the latest and greatest in Sun hardware but take a look at the specs: The operating system? Linux, not Solaris. The chips? Intel xeons not Sparc.

Sun customers want to know why there is so little forthcoming from Oracle about the Sparc and Solaris roadmaps especially given how much the company has boosted their support costs. IBM and HP are besieging Sun hardware shops –often using former Sun techies to talk about how little Oracle knows or cares about hardware.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the company has to say on this topic its anual sales kickoff later this month.

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