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Oracle-Sun pushes for vertical integration

Today is an interesting day in tech. Oracle and Apple CEOs will each be doing their best to tout the virtues of integrated hardware and software.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison and his lieutenants will soon be ticking off their strategies for bringing Sun Microsystems into the fold and laying out Oracle’s future as a provider of integrated hardware and software. 

For a guy who once touted the beauties of dirt-cheap commodity blades–as long as they were running his $40K-per-CPU database,  this is quite an adjustment. But if you’d just forked over $7.4 billion for a server-and-chip company, you’d be talking fast too. Ellison told the Wall street Journal that, far from gutting Sun, Oracle will add 2,000 new sales and engineering hires to push his vision.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the integrated hardware-software spectrum, Larry’s pal Steve Jobs will be unveiling the Apple iTablet which that company hopes will rescue the reputation of keyboard-less-computing.  Microsoft tried dearly to breathe life into the tablet form factor–Microsoft execs like Jeff Raikes were forever toting theirs around. Too bad no one else could be bothered.

So today we’ll start seeing if Jobs can once again work his magic and if Ellison can, with Sun in house, make a real run at IBM and HP and Dell.

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