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Oracle/Sun hits just keep on coming

The aftermath of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems is proving to be a full-employment act for bloggers and journalists.

The latest bombshell is that Oracle is dramatically de-emphasizing OpenSolaris, keeping the best-and-brightest new code for the commercial version of the operating system. Solaris 11 is promised for next year.

That tidbit, gleaned from a leaked internal memo, follows news of a lawsuit Oracle is pursuing against Google over Android’s use (Oracle would say misuse) of Java.

All of this activity seems to validate fears among the open source faithful that Oracle has no intention of being a good steward of Sun’s open-source oriented gems. Of course, Oracle cannot be blamed for wanting to wring revenue and profits from all the tech assets it bought with its $7.4 billion.

What’s upsetting even more Oracle customers, however, is the company’s new support policies. For a good analysis of what’s going on there, check out the Oracle Optimization blog. This guy knows his stuff!

For Sun hardware partners, the impending loss of the Sun hardware renewal business looms large. In case there is any doubt, the following was posted on the Sun Partner Advantage Web site:


Welcome to the Sun Partner Advantage Program global Partner Directory. Use this tool to search for all partners worldwide.PLEASE NOTE: As of October 16, 2010, the Sun Partner Directory will no longer be available. Please visit

Oracle PartnerNetwork to learn more about the many new ways Sun partners can work with Oracle to enhance their business. Please visit the Oracle PartnerNetwork Solutions Catalog to find Oracle and Sun solutions.


Inquiring minds, including that of the tipster who mailed in this snippet, want to know in what “new ways” former Sun Resellers can “work with Oracle to enhance their business”?

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