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Oracle OpenWorld 2010: The low point

SAN FRANCISCO–Wow. Larry Ellison really knows how to put the OOW in Oracle OpenWorld. We’re heading into hour two of his second keynote but the major chunk of the audience that is still sentient is gone.

Which co-president should be giving him the hook? Safra Catz? Mark Hurd? I guess those big salaries do not carry with them any ability to rein this guy in.

Earlier on there were some yuks as Ellison responded to Marc Benioff’s earlier jibes. Benioff had mocked Ellison’s view of ExaLogic as “cloud in a box.”

Ellison: “What does Marc think the cloud runs on? Boxes!” In’s case, he added, it’s about 1,500 boxes. True dat.

Of course Larry started all this Sunday night by disparaging as a false cloud.

From the number of slides being shown, Ellison really has bought into the IBM model. Next year we’ll be seeing slide decks of Oracle’s latest mainframe.

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