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Opportunities abound in data center power management


A few months back, I wrote an article about the rising demand for IT energy consulting services. VARs agreed that going green is more than a passing fad in the IT industry; the driving factor for customers purchasing energy-efficient technologies is simply saving money in the data center. And recent findings from Gartner say that spending on power consumption is expected to continue to pose a problem.

“Energy-related costs account for approximately 12% of overall data center expenditure and are the fastest-rising cost in the data center … cost problems are likely to worsen during the next few years as organizations grow their technology infrastructure as they emerge from a recessionary period,” according to Gartner.

The company also predicted that server shipments should grow 5% per year over the next two years and that “continuous power utilization efficiency (PUE) readings will become the norm for most large data centers.”

These findings translate into big business opportunities for solution providers. If you aren’t already offering energy consulting services, now would be the time to look into tools that can measure power consumption of data center technologies, including servers and cooling equipment.

APC just released its new InfraStruxure software that could help solution providers with analyzing energy consumption. There are also a number of third party data center energy-monitoring tools on the market from companies like Emerson’s Avocent software, Modius, 1E, and Raritan.

If word from Gartner isn’t enough to convince you of the importance of power management, check out what Yahoo! has done with its new “Chicken Coop” data center and the latest efforts from NASA to manage energy consumption.


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