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One step closer to Oracle Fusion?

Oracle promises to have news about its Fusion vision for a July 1 event starring Oracle prez Charles Phillips and senior veep Thomas Kurian.

The event will feature some real middleware deliverables, sources say,  but they are careful to characterize it as Oracle 11g rather than the “F” word. “Most of the piece parts of Oracle middleware are still things like release 10.4.1 etc, although they’ve been talking 11g–and Fusion forever,” said one partner.

And remember, this is middleware Fusion they’re talking. What partners are waiting for there for is Oracle to make things like forms and reports, originally  written for Oracle’s own app server, run well on the the new strategic WebLogic app server.

As far as Oracle’s application Fusion vision goes, it remains–well–visionary.  On the apps front, Oracle has promised to take the best features of each of its enterprise apps lines–PeopleSoft, Siebel, J.D. Edwards– and combine them into some sort of pick-of-the-litter suite.

“Why the Fusion confusion?” one might ask. “Hey, if Oracle didn’t do stuff like that [double naming thing] people might actually understand what’s going on,” said a long-time partner.

Meanwhile, there should be some sort of statement made soon about Oracle erasing the $1 billion line between direct and indirect technology (database-and-middleware) sales. In the past accounts with over $1 billion in revenue were marked the province of Oracle direct sales. Now that’s not necessarily so. In theory the obliteration of that line is a huge deal, although no one expects large existing Oracle accounts to be opened up to partners.

“At the very least partners can now talk to new large accounts without getting bloodied,” said one large Oracle partner.


This post was updated Tuesday morning with more on partner expectations of Fusion middleware.

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