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OnForce founder launches new labor resources venture, Work Market

Jeffrey Leventhal, founder of OnForce, the self-described marketplace for orchestrating computer repair services, has surfaced as the founder of what he is calling a “labor resource platform” called Work Market. The new company is his fifth.

When I spoke with Leventhal about his new venture, which is currently piloting in an invite-only mode, he said Work Market helps companies manage the activities of all their labor resources — including employees, contractors and third-party business partners. Although it is reasonable to expect that the high-tech industry is the majority of Work Market’s focus, the platform actually is industry-agnostic. Some of the early clients come from the ranks of field marketers, health and wellness organizations, and security firms, said Leventhal. Its investors include Spark Capital and Union Square Investors.

Work Market will make its money by helping manage assignments, becoming the employer of recorder for contractors or third parties. That means it takes on the burden of organizing insurance, background checks, workman’s compensation and the like. Leventhal is still working on its fee structure, but the way it works is by taking a percentage of the value of the contract. The percentage that Work Market earns would actually decrease after your company hits certain milestone revenue levels. (So, for example, you might pay 8 percent up to $500,000 worth of business in a year, and then a lower amount at certain thresholds beyond that, Leventhal said.)

As I mentioned, right now the beta is invite-only. So, the only way you can get into the system is if one of your business partners is using it and invites you to connect. Another thing to consider for those technology solution providers out there who are using tools such as ConnectWise or Autotask to orchestrate and manage portions of your business: Right now, Work Market doesn’t integrate with those tools, Leventhal said.

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