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Still more news from HP just as folks were trying to digest the juicy tidbit that it’s about to meld its printer and PC businesses into one. 

This news is official, however. HP  brought in a former Sun exec to run sales for its  big storage, server and networking business in the Americas. Gee, I wonder what brought that on?  Randy Seidl will be senior vice president of Enterprise Servers and Storage  (ESS) and Networking Group, reporting to executive vice president Dave Donatelli. Let’s see, it’s Sept. 30 and HP’s new fiscal year kicks off Nov. 1. And, Oracle Open World kicks off in two weeks and Larry Ellison will doubtless talk up endless synergies and paradigm shifts enabled by his company’s new found Sun hardware power. Already the new Oracle Exadata database appliance runs on Sun hardware, while the old one was HP Proliant based. We can see where this is going.

This could be a really interesting month.

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