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Office apps glut coming

So, Microsoft’s go-to-market plan for Office Web Applications is to give them away to consumers. Check. Got it.

And, it will give volume licensees of on-premises Office 2010 rights to use Office Web Apps on premises.  No check. Don’t get it.

Perhaps it suspects that all those Office shops already have or plan to download Google Apps? At any rate, Microsoft on Monday said its planned web apps, first disclosed at the last PDC in October, will go to an invite-only tech preview next month, with a broader beta to follow and are slated to come online fully in the first half of next year–the same time as Office 2010.

Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president of Office Product Management said customers could self-host Office Web Apps or run them from Microsoft. Whether or not partners will be able to host them remains to be determined. Given Microsoft’s mantra of offering complete choice–on-premises, partner-hosted or Microsoft-hosted that message could use some refinement though.

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