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Obama’s CTO: Let the jockeying begin

This is gonna be fun. Handicapping the race to become Barack Obama’s chief technology officer. The Industry Standardhas some interesting picks , including Bill Gates, Larry Lessig. Eric Schmidt’s name has been bandied around a lot. Some claim he’s said he’s not interested. But here’s guessing this is just his opening gambit and is somewhat like John Kerry saying he’s not interested in becoming Secretary of State when, in fact, it appears no one’s asked.

Taking a government gig could be seen as a selfless act of a gazillionaire wanting to “give back” when in fact it could be a graceful escape from a company that may be hard pressed to repeat its past success. But at least Schmidt would be escaping from a dominant company. The same cannot be said for the Standard’s “What the !@#? pick, Jerry Yang. The soon-to-be-ex-CEO of Yahoo could fill in the hours when he is not needed to perform Chief Yahoo duties once again. There will probably be quite a few of those.

Commenters to the Standard site have their own suggestions: Steve Jobs (you simply cannot shut up the Mac zealots); and Internet inventor Al Gore.

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Have Obama give me a call. The government needs a cloud and virtualization strategy that is cost effective and controls system sprawl and is platform agnostic.