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OS choice for netbooks expands

First there was news that Hewlett-Packard, Dell and possibly other hardware makers would consider slapping Google Android on netbooks.

Last week, Intel said it’s jumping into the netbook OS market as well with Moblin, it’s own take on a Linux-based netbook OS. 

The Intel move may be even more interesting than the Google vs. Microsoft narrative. Intel and Microsoft have been locked at the hip as the reigning twins of the PC duopoly for more than 20 years. But anyone who thinks they’re best pals has more thinking to do. There’s a lot of pent up anger and frustration in that particular relationship.

Now, the question to emerge is whether Moblin will steal more thunder from Android than it will from Windows (more specifically Windows 7 the Microsoft netbook OS designate.)

In one respect it doesn’t matter. Everyone wants a cudgel to beat Microsoft up with on price. Google Android, as long as its competent, serves that purpose well. As would Moblin.


Naysayers point out that Android itself has a long way to go on the bigger Netbook screen. It is, after all, a cell phone OS. But Google is good at tweaking so stay tuned.

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