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Now that you’ve helped your clients go virtual, how can you help manage it all?

A vendor agreement announced last week by distributor Tech Data is definitely a sign of things to come in the virtualization space. That is, a move to manage and secure all the virtual environments that have sprung up all over your clients’ data centers.

The distributor’s Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Division has struck a distribution pact with Vizioncore, which offers server virtualization management technology. Under the agreement, Tech Data will offer the following products to appropriate VAR customers:

  • vRanger Pro, a back-up and restoration product for virtual environments
  • vReplicator, a replication application for VMware infrastructure
  • vFoglight, which provides management and monitoring of workloads
  • vConverter, which helps in the process of transforming individual physical servers over to servers that are capable of leveraging multiple virtualized operating systems

I’m willing to bet that companies like Vizioncore and its competitors are definitely recession-proof types of technologies that are worth your investigation.

Heather Clancy is a business journalist and industry analyst with SWOT Management Group. She can be reached at

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