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MySQL switches version control

MySQL is switching version control ships, leaving BitKeeper for Bazaar, an open-source version control system.

“Both the main MySQL server code and the code for many ancillary projects have been converted to Bazaar and are published on Launchpad,” blogged Kaj Arno, MySQL’s vice president of community. (Sun Microsystems bought MySQL earlier this year.)

Bazaar, a GNU project, is supported by Canonical, the Ubuntu people.

MySQL will also use Launchpad, a project-hosting and collaboration system, to host the MySQL code. “”This means that anyone can now publish their own branches of MySQL, with work in progress, fixes,” according to a Canonical blog.

The Launchpad repository is available from at

BitKeeper was “a good choice for us for the past five years as it is very good for distributed teams. However we wanted something more open that would make it possible to easily accommodate contributions from a wider audience. We looked at a lot of different systems and decided to go with Bazaar from Canonical,” Zack Urlocker, MySQL vice president of products said via email.

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