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MySQL diaspora

It’s been 13 months since Sun Microsystems announced its  plan for a $1 billion buyout of MySQL and almost a year to the date since the deal closed. Now, the MySQL executive diaspora is on. Monty Widenius, one of the tech geniuses behind the open source oriented database left last week. Former MySQL CEO and front man Marten Mickos soon followed. (David Axmark, Widenius’ co-founder, had already hit the trail last October.)

With all of that moving and shaking, open source advocates are bound to worry about the fate of their database darling, but face it, after an acquisition of this nature, most of the execs who engineered it will be in the wind within 18 months. Still, it doesn’t look good and the fact that Widenius was apparently disdainful of Sun’s efforts to update the database over the past year and said the latest 5.1 release was released before it’s time.

Also worrisome to Sun partners — both developers and others — is the notion that Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz is driving out great talent. They point to the departure in November of Rich Green the well-regarded ex-Sun exec who had returned earlier to run Sun’s software efforts.

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