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Motorola makes it easier for partners to demonstrate vertical solutions

This falls into the category of “What didn’t someone think of this earlier?”

The enterprise mobility solutions team at Motorola has created a Click2Demo area on its partner portal where its managed partners can download demonstration versions of applications for seven different vertical market sectors: Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Retail, Transportation and Supply Chain. Others will be added after the program is tested in the field.

Janet Schijns, vice president of global channel programs for the Motorola enterprise mobility solutions group, says managed partners can download a selected application by using the bar code feature on one of its mobile devices. Basically, you point the device at the screen, the software is downloaded and away you go. “People want to touch and feel these solutions,” Schijns says.

The software has already been tested to work with listed devices, although it may require customization for the account in question. Only managed partners will have access to the program, because they will have the requisite certifications to work with this software. Of course, that’s probably what the partner is hoping as that means extra margin when the deal is out of pilot.

Of course, all this assumes that the partner has the hardware necessary for a demonstration. Partners can either use their own demonstration equipment or request some directly from Motorola through the usual channels, Schijns says.

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