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More on Microsoft org changes

More details on the big Microsoft org changes are starting to trickle out.

For Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS), home of the Dynamics lineup of ERP and CRM products, Craig McCollum now has all of US Sales — both into the mid-market and enterprises.

At least some MBS partners approve wholeheartedly. Many have clamored for a centralization of their liaisons with SMB and enterprise sales for years.

“They have centralized the [Microsoft] US Sales Team under Craig McCollum — this is huge. It provides one place to manage SMS&P and [Enteprise Partner Group] for Microsoft in the US. The rest of the world is not that much affected, but regarding the US this is major. With more and more global deals being EPG and from the US, this is major goodness,” said one long-time MBS partner familiar with the changes.

Microsoft partners have long complained about having to deal with different point people in Microsoft’s Small to Midmarket Solutions and Partners, or SMS&P, group, and the enterprise group under Simon Witts. And they have chafed at what they saw as Microsoft pressuring smaller partners to cede enterprise account work to larger nationally managed enterprise partners. (For the record, Microsoft has denied ever exerting such pressure but partners insist it happens and many tech vendors have a record of such actions.)

Said another MBS partner, who seconded the import of the move: “McCollum has Dynamics all up in the US. Michael Park still has SMS&P.”

That means that non-MBS Microsoft partners will presumably continue to face confusing dual interactions with Microsoft SMS&P and enterprise sales groups.

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