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Microsoft straddles political fence

Microsoft is making a bi-partisan effort to glom onto the political convention season.

Microsoft was the “Official Software and HD Web Content Provider for the 2008 Democratic National Convention” … and is the “Official Technology Provider for the 2008 Republican National Convention,” according to its web site.

Both events made (or is making) use of Windows Server Active Directory, Exchange Server 2007, SharePoint Server, Office Communications Server and Live Meeting, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft which has had a tense relationship with Washington in the past –it was designated a monopolist after all — is not alone in trying to reap public relations from the Denver and St. Paul events. Hewlett-Packard is the official provider of notebooks and digital output solutions for both events.

A quick and random check of other tech web sites yielded no other “official sponsorships.” Dell? Nada. Oracle? Nyet. IBM? Surprisingly nothing. Maybe Big Blue is still recovering from spying on attendees of the Beijing Olympics. Or it’s too focused on the US Open where it is the Official Information Technology provider.

One can only wonder how much gravy these sponsorships bring. Not to get too depressed, check out The Onion’s take.

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