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Microsoft reverses course on IE 8 render default

Microsoft has changed the default rendering setting of Internet Explorer 8 so the browser will support the latest Web standards.

That is a shift in plan — which was to make the standard “IE 7-reminiscent” rendering engine the default. Microsoft issued a statement about this change late Monday.

The original idea was to offer a rendering mode that was frozen in the IE 7 world circa 2006—as the default. A third mode is geared for even earlier Web standards.
MSDN’s IE blog describes the issue and says even non-IE browsers come with various rendering modes so that users can view Web pages from different eras..

Opera Software sued Microsoft in November in part because it said Microsoft was willfully subverting Web standards. Opera also wants to force Microsoft to stop bundling IE with Windows.

Microsoft’s decision to go with the IE 7 mode as default caused a ruckus last year. On February 21, the company promised to open up more of its APIs to third parties to foster interoperability.

Today the company said this browser move was yet another step in the company’s interoperability push.

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