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Microsoft puts some meat around mesh

At the witching hour, Microsoft is set to post information, including a link to a “limited technology preview” of its promised Live Mesh platform. Info will be posted to the Mesh site.  Here’s Ray Ozzie with Jon Udell.  And here’s Abolade Gbadegesin talking Live Mesh architecture on Channel 9.  Also Channel 10.  And, don’t forget Live Mesh GM Amit Mital’s blog.

Generally, these promised infrastructural services would let your PC, cell phone etc. detect, recognize and interact with each other. The foundation would include unified device management, unified data management, unified application management and centralized management for all your devices.

The preview will be limited to Vista and XP machines to start with Mac and mobile device support to come

Microsoft pledges to make services the core of the platform. Yeah, that sounds like a no-brainer given the heat Microsoft faces from Google, and other SaaS pioneers who beat it to the services punch, but it is nonetheless a key aspirational message from a company built on shrink-wrap software.

Microsoft also promises to use the same APIs on clients and in the all-knowing “cloud.” That sounds like a write-once-run-anywhere promise. (Where have we heard that before?) Also, an extensible data model and flexible application model.

Tomorrow afternoon at Web 2.0, Mital will talk more about the mesh view.

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