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Microsoft, GE create health care IT venture

General Electric and Microsoft have disclosed some details around a new 50-50 venture, called Caradigm, that the two companies are creating to target the healthcare IT segment. (Try saying the name of the company out loud, and you’ll get it.)

The company, which will get its formal launch during the first half of 2012 provided it surmounts some government regulatory hurdles, are specifically focused on addressing the need for health care organizations to develop more efficient ways to collaborate through technology. Both Microsoft and GE will contribute technologies to the venture, including:

  • Microsoft Amalga, described as a “health intelligence” platform
  • Microsoft Vergence, which addresses single sign-on and “context management” challenges
  • Microsoft expreSSO, enterprise single sign-on software
  • GE Healthcare eHealth, which is positioned as a health information exchange
  • GEO Healthcare Qualibria, a platform for sharing clinical knowledge

Both companies also are contributing executives and board members. For example, Neal Singh, currently the general manager of MIcrosoft Dynamics AX Global Financial Management, will be moving over to Caradigm as the chief technology officer and senior vice president. The chief executive officer for Caradigm will be Michael Simpson, who currently runs the GE knowledge sharing and connectivity business unit over at GE Healthcare.

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