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Microsoft Dynamics offers 0% financing

Saaaaaaved byyyyyy zeeee-rooooooo.

Surely you’ve heard that cheesy song ad nauseam this fall on Toyota commercials for a 0% financing offer. Well, Microsoft is now getting in on the act (the 0% financing offer, not the annoying song).

Microsoft is giving 0% financing for 36 months to new Dynamics CRM and ERP customers. There are requirements, of course: Customers must qualify for Microsoft financing, the offer applies to deals between $20,000 and $1 million, and it does not apply to additional costs like ISV software or partner customization services. And, as always, the offer is good for a limited time only. (Microsoft won’t say exactly how long that will be.)

Microsoft Dynamics last offered 0% financing from February 2004 through June 2005.

With the way the economy is these days, expect Microsoft and other IT vendors to start finding more creative ways to attract customers and drive sales. It could be a good thing for customers and partners — as long as their idea of “creative” doesn’t involve resurrecting any more terrible ’80s songs.

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Is your company considering a cloud disaster recovery solution?
Cloud DR is the future! At our company - Maxava - we have over 100 customers replicating their data into the cloud for DR on the IBM i platform
I'd really like to hear what types of solutions are people using to move data to the cloud and leverage the cloud for DR.
I am not sure why a CIO in today's context consider DRP/BI as a cloud based service; if DRaaS is maturing, basic cloud services are even more mature today for enterprise adoption and DRaaS perhaps loses its relevance. DRaaS positioning in today's cloud based services landscape is not clear to me.
We are exploring this technology with caution.