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Microsoft, Dell and Linux walk into a bar

First announced last November, Microsoft and Dell are following up on their promise to make Linux easier to use on their boxes. The details of the agreement allow corporate customers the chance to license SUSE Linux.

Looks like the Linux server virtualization trend is really starting to pick up some steam. Between VMware teaming up with Linux and this latest news, VARs should start getting up to snuff on installing and supporting Linux. Selling should never be easier. VMware is on board with Linux. Microsoft and Dell are on board now, too. For those non-technical customers who don’t know what Linux is or how it works, this news should provide some leverage for pro-Linux VARs.

Make sure you check out our Linux server virtualization learning guide. It’s got the latest news and technical advice for making an installation easy. Bear in mind, that taking over a company’s servers may be a good foot in the door to landing a managed services contract.


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